Elect Me for Eden Prairie School Board

A Strong Advocate for Putting Children First

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Hello, my name is Asad Aliweyd and I am running for a seat on the Eden Prairie School Board. I have served and advocated on the behalf of Eden Prairie School district’s children for years as a teacher at Eden Prairie Central Middle School (CMS) and Eden Prairie High School and as a non-profit director.

I am running for School Board because I believe that public education is essential to the vitality of our community. By investing in our children now, we can ensure a vibrant future for our city and its residents.

I believe that School Board members play a key role in ensuring that each child receives a quality and equitable education. It is a Board member’s duty to develop, advocate, and envision policies that create opportunities for our children to succeed and become local, national, and global leaders.

Additionally, Board members must work collaboratively to develop effective and transparent strategies that will strengthen our schools. However, a Board member must never neglect their constituent’s needs, and always encourage their constituents and the general public to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.

As your School Board member, I guarantee you that I will uphold all of my assigned responsibilities; I will also work within the community to leverage the voices of students, teachers, parents, and communities, and incorporate their concerns, and insights into all decision-making processes.

When we work together, we increase our capacity to give every child in Eden Prairie the education they deserve. I look forward to earning your support and your vote in the weeks and months ahead.

I look forward to earning your support and your vote in the weeks and months ahead.


Asad Aliweyd
Candidate for Eden Prairie School Board